CDS - Chlorine Dioxide Solution Masterclass

Many people have heard about the possible health benefits of CDS and CD/MMS but some are still not sure how to use these liquid solutions for health maintenance. In the scientific community there has been a recent increase in both the interest, and research studies into the effectiveness of CDS for multiple health conditions including Covid and Long Covid. This CDS-Chlorine Dioxide Solution Masterclass is the beginners guide to gaining the necessary knowledge on what CDS is, How it works, and why it is gaining so much attraction from doctors and holistic practitioners around the world, who are also incorporating CDS as part of their patient/client healthcare plans. It must be noted that CDS by itself is not a cure. Dietary intake, sufficient supplementation of vitamins and minerals, and a physically active lifestyle must all be taken into consideration when attempting to overcome any dis-ease in the body. Hence, the holistic lifestyle approach to health and wellbeing.
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    What We Offer

    What's included in this online course?

    A step-by-step guide

    Helen's expertise training and knowledge of CDS will help you become more confident about the use of CDS and it's many applications. You will also learn how to make your own CDS at home.

    Study at your own pace

    This CDS Masterclass is suitable for anyone that is curious about learning more about CDS at your own pace. You can enrol on to this masterclass learn from anywhere in the world, in your own time zone.

    Unique learning experience

    You will not learn just by watching videos. When you enrol on to the CDS Masterclass you will have the opportunity to interact with Helen directly and be able to get your CDS questions answered by Helen.
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